December 2nd, 2020

(Due to the unprecedented amount of people stuck home from Covid-19 buffering times may increase) 


Attention: This update is finally working and may load with a different app name. The name will show when installing so use that app after as the new main app!


1. Go into settings > applications > manage installed applications.


2. Scroll down and launch Open Stream Updates or OSTV Links (on newer devices). Do not use OSTV Download Updates at this time.


3. Click on the line, leave the text that's there and at the end enter ostvfix.


4. Click the play button on the remote. The app will start to load and bring you to a screen, scroll down, and click install.


Tips: There may be a new version available to install when done. Feel free to install it when asked. This new version will update on its own for the future, enjoy!






If content pauses to buffer every few minutes

If the shows you play keep buffering if may be due to the links that were chosen. We are starting to see 4k links and links with 5.1 surround sound creep in at the top with large file sizes which take a lot of bandwidth to stream. Try links 2, 3, or more down in the list with smaller file sizes they will always stream smoother.

If you get to the middle of a show and it continually buffers hit the back button then choose the link below the one you are on then click it and click resume where you left off. This will bring you right back into your show with a smooth stream 99% of the time, just give it a second to buffer in the beginning.

If the app says No Data

This may just be for that particular genre of movies/shows. At the top of the app you can switch from "recently updated" to other genres. Sometimes a single folder may go down for a bit but you can always search for the movie you want and it will show up even if the home screen says no data. If you can not pull up anything then reconnect back to wifi.


If the device freezes or has a black screen.

Hit the home button then follow the steps to get back to the manage installed applications page, find and click Open Stream once, then click FORCE STOP, then launch. This will solve most issues in the application but if it does not help unplug the device from power for 10 seconds.


If no content is showing up or nothing is loading.

Reconnect to wifi or reset your router (this is common).


I get a "no streams available" notification when trying to play a movie.

That one link may be bad so try another. If no links show up that movie or show may not be out yet in the system.


Content is blurry, looks bad, or has subtitles.

Try another link but keep in mind brand new movies may take a while to have a good link. If it is still in theaters remember it is still technically a bootleg copy, be patient the list is always updated


It is asking me to sign into an Amazon account?

If this screen ever pops up it just means the device got signed out from the Amazon account it was signed into previously. You can safely sign back in with any Amazon account you have. Don't have one? You can make one in 30 seconds on amazon.com, everything will be just the way it was before.


The whole device is running slow.

If the device is running slower than normal unplug it then plug it back in after 10 seconds then click Open Stream and hit clear cache (not data) then launch.


The device says I have exceeded the registration limit.

You are in the Amazon part of the device. You may go to settings and sign into your Amazon account to use this part or follow the directions on the remote to get to the free part of the device that we have programmed for you.


It is asking me to pay for stuff.

You are in the Amazon part of the device. You may go to settings and sign into your Amazon account to use this part or follow the directions on the remote to get to the free part of the device that we have programmed for you.






How do I watch live tv?

For live tv channels, we suggest the Mobdro app. It is located just above the Open Stream app on the manage installed applications page (not inside the open stream app).


How do I watch PPV fights?

Follow the instructions on the remote and go into the Mobdro app then into the sports section, in there fights have always been on channel BT Sport 2 or 1. The event must have started before it shows up here.


How do I watch News 12?

Go into the Open Stream Classic app. Once in there scroll over to videos and click the "add-ons" tab below it, here you will find the news 12 app.
If you have the news 12 app in the manage installed applications list then you must first go back into settings then all the way right to accounts and sign the device into your amazon account.


​​How do I watch sports?

There is a huge selection of sports channels located in the mobdro app. Once in mobdro hit sports and check the channel list there.

To watch sports in the open stream classic app go to the add-ons tab underneath the videos section, this is where the rest of your installed apps are. Find the Sports Devil app and click it then once inside click on "live sports" this will bring you to a list of websites that all stream sports. Click on the first one and see what games or events it has until you find what you are looking for. If you don't find it in the first website then work your way down the list and try different links. Remember the event must be happening in real time to see it, these are live streams.


Our Tips!


Please make sure you have an up to date router that is close to your tv for smooth streaming. If you have a dual-band router connecting to the 5MHz band may be faster. Streaming video is very wifi intensive, if you have other devices using your wifi this may slow you down.