All you need is wifi and a tv!


You will be able to play full length movies including ones still in movie theaters. The list of movies includes just about everything ever filmed! You will get every tv show old and new in full seasons with every episode in an easy to use layout. After something airs on tv it shows up in our list and stays forever so stop paying for dvr and netflix, they do not come close to what this dose.

Our device turns any tv into a smart tv by connecting to wifi and streaming content via an HDMI port. Our device is fully loaded with apps for streaming movies, tv shows, sports, and more. You can navigate these free apps using the included remote control.


These apps work similar to netflix but with much much more and completely free! Once you find the movie you want to watch you click it and it streams right to your tv. It does this by connecting to a server that has what you want, there are thousands of servers out there hosting free content so you will always have a quality stream!


Each device is fully customizable and the list of addons that can be added is endless. If you miss news 12 we can add it to your device, just click and it will play in real time. no matter what service provider you have. If you speak another language we can add apps with content in any language you can think of. Just let us know and we will program yours to your liking.


Have a favorite sports team that is not from the area? Our sports app come right on the home screen with every box where you will find ANY game countrywide and worldwide.



The Hardware






We use Amazon fire tv sticks to run our software (but can also upgrade to the Amazon fire tv box upon request.) These tv sticks come with a quad core processor and 8 GB of memory packed in a small device the size of a usb memory stick. You can stream movies and TV shows in full HD With Dolby Audio, enjoy rich cinematic surround sound, and consistent quality.




Unlike other streaming devices out there with low buffering sizes all of our devices are upgraded from the stock 20Mb size to 200Mb. This makes play more reliable and smoother, do not be fooled by other devices we are the only ones with this upgrade!


Devices like this have been out and working for years and the list of server sites that hosts the content grows every day. The device cannot be "zapped" into not working like old cable descramblers and you will not get a knock on the door because you are not downloading or sharing any content.


Each device we program is done by hand and tested afterwards, we stand by our product and will be happy to replace it if you run into any problems!