Can you give me a better price if I order a few?

Yes! We love to hook people up on bulk orders, get buyers together and start putting money in your pocket! Check out our bulk pricing in our online store.


Can't I just buy this device in the store?

You can if you like to pay for every single thing you watch, our devices are programmed with apps to take you to free content so you never have to pay again.


Is this legal?

There are no laws against streaming content otherwise a lot of people would in trouble for listening to music or watching content on youtube and sites like it. You do not download, duplicate, or share anything on this streaming device and this software is used by millions. It is up to the websites that host content to take down any copyrighted material, just like youtube would take down a copy of a new movie. You are not in trouble for watching it beforehand.


How long does it last?

Devices with this exact software have been out and working for years with no issues. Nothing is stored in the device it grabs content from places that are always updated. There are thousands of servers out there, if one gets shut down 2 more open.

Can I watch movies still in the theater?
Yes! However it may take a day or 2 after it's release to get a copy in circulation.